Amanda the Adventurer is a horror puzzle game where the main character is a girl named Amanda. Also in the game there is another character – a shy lamb, a friend and companion of the heroine. The horror movie is developed by MANGLEDmaw Games. The game is designed for a single passage, there is no multiplayer mode.

The story begins with Riley Park inheriting his aunt’s house and starting to explore the remaining things in the attic. It is there that he finds mysterious cassettes with episodes of the old cartoon. But the longer you watch the tapes, the clearer it becomes that Amanda seems to be talking to the audience. It is impossible to tear yourself away from watching until you manage to figure out what she needs.

Gameplay Features

1. Fast passage, but intricate and unpredictable plot.
2. Visualization in the style of the 90s.
3. A disturbing story disguised as a children’s cartoon.
4. Direct interaction with the viewer.
5. Challenging puzzles.

Despite the innocent image of the heroine, every minute the situation becomes more tense, and the desire to unravel the mystery is higher. And yet – who is Amanda? Who left these notes? You can understand only after playing the game.

Amanda the Adventurer

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