Terraria is a pixelated sandbox that harmoniously blends Minecraft and RPG adventure. Here you need to explore a huge open world, defeat enemies, make objects and objects.

The game contains RPG elements, namely:
• improvement of the character;
• collection of resources;
• battle with bosses;
• construction of houses and castles.
Here you need to explore a huge world, look for new resources and treasures.

Game world

The main feature of Terraria is the location. The game has collected different worlds: forests and deserts, jungles and eternal icy wastelands. Enemies, new resources and opportunities await the main character in each biome, which makes the passage even more exciting.

Players can also find and use many different items, weapons, and equipment to deal with enemies and bosses that become more difficult as they progress. Some things are difficult to create – it requires the fusion of different resources, which stimulates the heroes to discover new possibilities.

Terraria offers a multiplayer mode where players can team up or face each other. A colorful game and exciting tasks will help pass the time.


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