Raft is a product from Redbeet Interactive that was released in 2018. The main task of the user is to survive in the open ocean. The player only has access to a small raft of several floating objects and a hook made of plastic. You can go on an adventure on your own or with friends.


Players start in a small area where there are several floating objects. It’s boards and trash. With the help of these materials, you need to create tools, collect water and food, build a new platform, and also strengthen your raft. Real challenges await the characters in the survival game:
• the threat of hunger and thirst;
• shark attack;
• unforeseen weather conditions;
• natural disasters – storms and lightning.

Only desperate daredevils will be able to overcome all obstacles and survive. During the journey through the expanses of the ocean, players must master survival skills, improve technology for the extraction of valuable resources. This is exactly what is needed to quickly collect items and maintain health.

Here you can team up and work together for the benefit of common interests. Raft does not have a specific goal, but offers an endless game location where you can develop and explore the expanses of the ocean.


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