Subnautica 3 is the new chapter in the popular game series that has already captured the attention of fans around the world. The developers, Unknown Worlds, kept users in the dark for a long time, and it turned out that all this time they were in search of a narrative designer. It was this person who was supposed to help determine the direction of the history and knowledge of the new science for the fictional world and its alien inhabitants. And obviously they found it!

Game creation process

Users already familiar with the world of Subnautica knew that the series has always been unique in its emphasis on storytelling, and all indications are that this aspect will continue in the new part.

The company has a wealth of experience working on live action and episodic content, and knows how to create compelling and dramatic stories within the context of the original version. Back when the game was in development, the studio had already announced its desire to create a sequel on a larger scale than Below Zero and rethink the multiplayer in the project.
Fans of the series have been looking forward to the new part and are ready to wait for more to get more information about the world and its inhabitants. And of course, they want to immerse themselves in the futuristic world of the 22nd century.


The basic style of play remains the same. You need to do everything to stay alive and be able to return home – to your home planet.

Definitely, in this game you can learn how to survive in a completely unfamiliar world, using all your skills and tools. The creatures that you will meet here are not at all like those that inhabit the Earth. The planet to which chance will bring you this time is full of dangers, and each new step may be the last. So be careful and ready for any challenge!

In addition, Subnautica 3 will provide the opportunity to explore the depths of the ocean and discover new locations and mysteries. The Unknown Worlds studio promises that players will have access to many new tools and technologies that will help them survive in an unusual environment and open up new horizons. The game will also improve the crafting system, allowing you to create more complex items and weapons to deal with the dangers along the way.

Subnautica 3

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