Subnautica Below Zero is a first-person survival adventure video game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The project is a continuation of the original Subnautica game, but takes place in another corner of the universe on an icy planet.

Gameplay and main tasks

The protagonist is an explorer who lands on a frozen planet to study its surface and the depths of available water bodies. He must survive in extreme conditions, build shelters and collect resources in order to survive in this not very friendly place.

The main elements of the game are:
● gradual exploration of the underwater world;
● collection of resources;
● creation of tools and various devices;
● study of technologies;
● building bases.

The project has already received high marks from critics and has taken a place in the lists of the best in the survival genre.


The storyline gradually reveals the history of the planet and the cause of the player’s ship crash. Researcher Robin travels to planet 4546B to investigate the mysteries surrounding her sister’s disappearance.

Users, together with the main character, will explore the depths of the sea and the icy expanses of this planet, collect resources, create tools and build bases in order to survive in harsh conditions. As the story progresses, Robin encounters various dangers such as aggressive sea creatures, weather changes, and technological puzzles that must be solved in order to progress.

Unraveling the tangle of secrets, she learns that the mysterious corporation “Altera” is again involved in this story and hides some secrets related to the disappearance of her sister. Robin must find answers and survive in order to solve the main mystery.

Bright colors of the ice planet

A whole new world opens before us, frozen in the ice of an unusual planet. The authors used bright colors to create locations, as well as modern graphics so that we can fully enjoy the beautiful views!
The project has a high quality of shadows and textures on all platforms available for installation, and the range of drawing the smallest details is very well worked out. For weak PCs and outdated consoles, it is possible to reduce the quality of graphics, but this does not particularly affect the picture in this case, since the developers have tried to create a beautiful and high-quality product that will successfully run on any relatively modern hardware.

Subnautica Below Zero

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