Tribals Survival IO is an addictive first-person game where the main goal is to survive in the wild. The player needs to fight for resources, make items and get food. And from the tools there is only a stone. With the development of the character, there are more opportunities for successful living.
Several different nations are available in the game, and the player can choose a character himself. Available to choose from:
• hunters;
• warriors;
• merchants and others.
Each nation has its own abilities and characteristics, which helps with survival. There are many animals on the island, but not all of them are friendly.
The player can fight with other acting characters, unite and work together, creating alliances. This will help keep you out of danger. The game has many opportunities to improve the character, such as leveling up skills and sharing resources.
Tribals Survival IO has a dynamic gameplay, and excellent graphics and simple controls make the game even more interesting.

Tribals Survival IO

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