Hungry Shark Arena is a game developed by Ubisoft and launched in 2021. The main character is a shark whose task is to survive in the battle. All actions take place in the ocean. To grow a “pet” you can use any items that are available. It can be small fish, marine animals and even divers – it all depends on the size of the character.

Before attacking the victim, you need to move the cursor on it or click the left mouse button. This helps to accelerate and make a lightning attack. This is how the shark grows and becomes stronger. The playground contains up to 20 opponents. The one who survives wins in exciting battles.

The dynamic game features different types of sharks. This is what determines their unique opportunities for development and improvement. However, other characters are not the only danger. The shark also needs to avoid mines, and plan all actions taking into account free space.

Hungry Shark Arena

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