For fans of the horror genre and fans of the game The Forest, there is great news – the continuation of the exciting survival horror. The developer has released a new part – Sons of the Forest. Players will plunge into an environment filled with secrets and horrors. The main goal is to explore a new world and survive by fighting monsters.

Game Description

The plot of the horror is closely related to the first part. The main character is an operative who, together with the team, goes in search of a missing billionaire. However, the helicopter crashes over the island, and the embroidered character is surrounded by cannibals and mutants. The main player’s companion is the deaf-mute Kelvin.

The innovation of the game can be considered an improved system of construction and crafting. With their help, the hero will be able to create more complex structures that serve as shelter, and weapons for protection. Also, players will be able to explore all the secret places in the forest, immerse themselves in its secrets and mysteries. But do not forget that anyone can wait around the corner.

Sons of the Forest promises an even more creepy and exciting storyline. Players are given endless opportunities to explore and survive in the most eerie environments.

Sons Of The Forest

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