The main character of the Cube Craft Survival game is a cubic man who needs to survive alone in the forest. The action takes place on the island, and there is only water around and a lot of effort must be made to survive. Initially, only wood and stone are available, but then the arsenal increases.
There are different tools for the job. This
• axe;
• pick;
• shovel.
A little later, a spear appears, which helps to hunt and get meat. There are many animals in the area and for protection it is better to make the area safe. You can build houses, towers, bridges. The faster all resources are mastered, the more chances to survive in this dangerous world.
At night, you need to be careful – different animals come out to hunt. Their difficulty grows along with the progress of the game. But the character himself can be pumped – improve skills, create new items and weapons.
The world of blocks in the game Cube Craft Survival conquers with its originality. A fascinating plot helps to immerse yourself in a new, but such a dangerous world.

Cube Craft Survival

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