This game is a sequel to the original Subnautica and takes place in the same 22nd century futuristic world where the player must survive on an alien planet full of dangerous creatures and underwater landscapes. It is an improved story that is not an actual continuation of the first part. But it has its own characteristics that make it truly unique.

Sequel Features

The version differs from the original in that the action takes place on another planet, where the player encounters new types of creatures, landscapes and challenges. A new element has also been added – a thermoregulation system, which forces the user to additionally take into account the ambient temperature when surviving. In addition, the new version has a more developed story than the original, with more emphasis on the characters and their relationships, as well as the development of technology and science. The version also supports multiplayer, allowing users to play together and help each other survive on this alien planet.

How to play

Management in Subnautica 2 is no different from the previous part. It is quite simple, intuitive, and based on the use of the mouse and keyboard. Here are the main control keys you will need to use:
● W, A, S, D: character movement control.
● Space: jump or lift the character up in the water.
● Shift: Speed up swimming or running on land.
● Q: eject the current item from the inventory.
● E: Open inventory or console access in bases.
● F: Use a flashlight or other light source.
● Tab: open player log and world map.
● C: switch between cameras (character/vehicle aerobatics).
● 1-5: Quick access to tools in equipment slots.
● R: Active weapon reload.

Controlling vehicles such as the Seamoth and Cyclops has its own characteristics, but is also generally based on the use of the mouse and keyboard.

As in the original, the main goal is to survive by exploring the underwater world, building bases and creating new tools and technologies. The general opinion of the game is positive, and many fans of the original have found new challenges and interesting mechanics in this version that add even more depth and variety to the already beautiful world of Subnautica.

Subnautica 2

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