Do you want to feel omnipotent? With the WorldBox sandbox game, this has become possible. Here is a world simulator where you can create entire civilizations, monitor their development and life. The player can add or remove items – water, earth, plants and animals. The generated world can be inhabited by sheep, wolves and other magical creatures. In total, more than 55 creatures and 4 humanoid races are available:
• People;
• orcs;
• dwarves;
• elves.
Game features
The player can give or take powers from characters, change traits. It is allowed to create an unlimited number of territories or run automatic generation using algorithms.

However, you need to watch out for civilizations – they can conflict, which leads to battles. But the main character is able to influence the outcome of events. The created worlds provide many opportunities for experimentation and creativity. For example, you can change the parameters of territories, create unique scenarios, or simply observe changes and development.
This original approach makes the WorldBox game unique and interesting for those who love world simulations. It’s even easier to create your own civilization.


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