The original Subnautica did not have a multiplayer mode, but the developers of Subnautica Below Zero added a two-player co-op mode. This will allow users to play with friends or guests, and enjoy not only the plot itself and a beautiful picture, but also the collective interaction with each other.

Features of the multiplayer mode

In co-op mode, two people can explore the world of a unique ice planet together, collect resources together and build bases. Users can share tasks and responsibilities to speed up progress and make survival more efficient and more interesting. Thus, it turns out to actively interact with each other, negotiate and communicate, and at the same time quickly and fun to go through the storyline.

To enter co-op mode, everyone must have:
● your copy of the game;
● individual Steam account to connect;
● stable connection.

The person who creates the room must invite another member, who in turn must accept the invitation to join. So it is possible to launch a multiplayer mode for two, being in different parts of the world and having only a PC, Steam and an Internet connection. For owners of PS5 and earlier version 4, there is also an option to run the application for two players on one device, and then there is no need to buy two versions of installation packages with files, or create a separate account – just create a separate profile on the same account.

Saving progress

Progress is always saved by the user who created the invitation for the other person, which means that it will be possible to postpone the game at any time and resume when there is time and desire. At the same time, the continuation will be from the same place, and all awards and achievements will be preserved.

It’s important to note that in co-op mode, progress is only saved on the host computer, so if you want to continue the game on another computer, you will need to save the progress on the first device first, and then load it on the other. This can be done by simply transferring the save files to another medium.

In the online version, you will need to log in to restore progress. So you can play this multiplayer game with friends, help each other or compete!

Subnautica Multiplayer

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