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Subnautica is a beautiful, modern survival adventure game. It was created by the Unknown Worlds Entertainment studio and was introduced in 2018. The user is invited to play as a crew member of a spaceship who survived on the planet 4546B. The ship crashed and now the hero is on an uncharted planet covered with oceans.


Players will have to explore the underwater world, collect the resources necessary for development and survival, create tools and build bases. Without all this, it is simply impossible to survive in adverse conditions. The game provides great freedom of action and choice, allowing you to fully explore the huge open world with a variety of ecosystems, which, I must say, are not always friendly.

To help the hero – transport, and several locations, as well as a place to create various tools.
During the game, users face various dangers such as aggressive sea creatures and dangerous underwater caves. There are also technological puzzles waiting for you to solve in order to move forward and make progress.


The game has a rather entertaining plot, which is revealed as a certain progress is made. This line became one of the main selling points of the original Subnautica. It is difficult to describe the plot without spoilers, we will only tell you that the action takes place in the 22nd century, when mankind has already learned to travel in outer space.


In addition to the original release of Subnautica, developers from Unknown Worlds Entertainment have created a sequel to the original game. They’ve been looking for an idea for a sequel for a long time. In parallel, the team has been busy working on Subnautica: Below Zero, which is a standalone expansion to the original Subnautica and continues the story on the same planet 4546B.

The studio continued to work in this direction, since all versions were successful. Thus, the project currently has several variations included in the franchise.

The studio also continues to actively work on this and other projects related to the study of underwater worlds. In the meantime, you should definitely try one of the variations of this interesting and beautiful game, plunging into a futuristic world.

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